COBY CHASMAN-BECK | Lighting Designer

Princess Ivona

"The second hero of the show is Coby Chasman-Beck’s, lighting designer.  

What he has created is the mastery of the world."  

-EXI Magazine

A Ring In Brooklyn

“Coby Chasman-Beck expertly lights Hoffman’s set and Kimberly Overton’s period costumes,

including Jenn’s drop dead gorgeous floral-printed frock.”

- Stage Scene LA

“Lighting designer Coby Chasman-Beck demonstrates an innate skill by softly

illuminating the various playings paces of this venue's small stage.”

-Back Stage

“Working well are Michael Hoffman’s scenery, moved about the stage by the cast, and

Coby Chasman-Beck’s lighting, which delineates the story’s numerous scene changes”.  

-Arts In LA


“The intimate Skylight Theatre Skylab could be more accurately called a “white box” than a

black box; its bright walls and Coby Chasman-Beck’s lighting encourage the audience not

to be too fully absorbed in the onstage drama, but to also observe their fellow audience members.”  

-Sarah Taylor Ellisa

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike

“The attention to detail and gentle accents by lighting designer Coby Chasman-Beck gives the

audience a reason to believe that this is a home that someone would fight to hold onto.”

-The Poughkeepsie Journal

You're A Good Man Charlie Brown

"Coby Chasman-Beck’s vivid lighting design makes Off-Broadway West, LLC’s

relatively minimalist set look its best."

-Stage Scene LA

Praying Small

“Lighting was ambitiously designed by Coby Chasman-Beck.”

-LA Theatre Review

“Director Victor Warren keeps his committed cast atop the zigzags around set designer

Lacey Alzec's minimalist porticos and Coby Chasman-Beck’s intense lighting plot.”

-LA Times

“Coby Chasman-Beck’s lighting effectively underscores the play’s various shifts.”

-LA Weekly